Hardcore Philosophy

Hardcore Philosophy

Philosophy can expand, uplift, and improve us. But so much of it today is focused on tearing down the individual, removing responsibility, and ignoring wisdom that has stood the test of time.

This is not what I'm doing. Because the goal of philosophy is not to help you sound posh at parties, but to turn you into a mature, adaptable, and strong individual. In other words – good philosophy can make you a total badass.

Know yourself, master yourself, and arm yourself with powerful ideas.

This podcast is built upon the best traditions and aimed at our highest potential. We will talk about philosophy, psychology, history, religion, science, culture, politics, and the greatest stories ever told. From Aristotle to Zarathustra.

This is the #1 podcast made entirely with a hammer.

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    An Epic of Masculinity III: Warrior

    The way to heaven goes through hell, and the path of the warrior is the way we develop the ability and competence to survive and thrive on that journey.

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    An Epic of Masculinity II: King

    Is civilization technology or idea?

    Obviously, it is a bit of both. But in our modernity – surrounded by big data, cameras, and supercomputers that fit into our pocket – it is easy to see that we tend to favor technology and forget ideas. While at some level it is difficult to imagine "civilization" without basic technologies. From food, water, shelter, security, and reasonable personal autonomy, we do need a foundation of material to distinguish civilization from our more prehistoric past.

    But once that foundation is set, what is it, technology or idea?

    Again, I believe it is both, both matter and have equal value. What is important is keeping them in balance, and today, ideas are falling behind, if not outright ignored.

    Nowhere is this more true, or more significant, than in leadership. Nowhere is leadership more taught, and more explored, than in the stories of kings, and the philosophy of kingship.

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    An Epic of Masculinity

    When good men sit down, bad men stand up. When masculine virtues are ignored, masculine vices reign. When kings are told to go away, tyrants take their place. This is not just a description, but a strategy.

    This results in a world where a plurality of masculine figures without virtue are in leadership positions in governments, companies, and organizations. This structure is incentivized to forward and repeat the societal talking points whereby masculinity is defined as toxic. This narrative helps prevent good men from rising up.

    The toxic masculine narrative is the norm, of both history and today.

    I'm going to crush this status quo, by uplifting masculine idealism.

    It is a simple formula. Competence + Ethics. This is the masculine ideal.

    We are a species that doesn’t do well with nuance. We see so many bad men in the world and in the news, and we drift towards simple answers: men are bad. With this we forget that our last and best hope against tyranny is the development of masculine ideals and virtues.

    It is for this reason that stories about the positive masculine (and omens about the negative masculine) have survived and thrived for thousands of years.

    I’m going to crush the historic and modern status quo that defines all men as toxic, not by offering my critique of their position, but by offering the alternative. The alternative are these stories and lessons from history, philosophy, and idea. These stories have one purpose: uplift the positive masculine, and teach masculine ideals.

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    The Story of Philosophy


    Philosophy is often viewed as a field of isolation, or the literal ivory tower. The word is seen as a big word, a fancy word, used by the elite, arrogant, and out of touch.

    That’s not what I’m doing here.

    Philosophy is the story of humanity and the history of ideas, and it’s meant for everyone.

    This episode is my attempt to answer three basic questions about philosophy.

    What is Philosophy? • object, and subject – 1:50 • the line, and the glue – 5:04 • letters and representation – 6:50 • if it is not anything… – 8:11

    How is Philosophy Useful? • we always face this choice – 10:02 • yet we exist in two worlds – 11:20 • recurrence, and rise – 13:02

    Why is Philosophy Important? • if why, then anything – 14:47 • a foundation – 17:34 • time… – 19:29 • … and space – 20:58 • the road to heaven – 23:03 • so look down – 24:29 • and look up – 24:57 • vine, and fig tree – 25:27

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    Victory as Educator

    It is said that immature artists copy, and great ones steal. This is an excellent maxim. But who do we steal from? And what do we steal from them?

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    Kierkegaard's Leap of Faith & The Power of Belief in Sport

    The Leap of Faith is a very abused and taken advantage of maxim. But yet it is a maxim. It is a truth we experience, in so far as all action is the conclusion of degrees of uncertainty. But therein lies the point: action. Because the leap of faith is not simply a metaphysical concept. It is not under the domain of inspirational memes and imagery. It is at its very core, the leap itself.

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    The passions of sport and "The Football War" of 1969

    There is a quote often attributed to Plato that says "you can learn more about a person in 1 hour of play, than 1 year of work." Nowhere is this more true, or more impactful, than a global game. And there is no global game quite like the World Cup.

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    A Philosophy of Trash, Garbage, and Waste

    As the world becomes wealthier, more connected, more educated, and more metropolitan - we create more trash. And our population is growing, faster than ever.

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    Ratatouille: How to be a True Revolutionary

    A philosophy that can’t be lived is like food that can’t be eaten and a kitchen isn’t a storehouse for food, any more than philosophy is a museum of ideas. A great movie to match this, in both philosophy and food-analogies, is the 2007 film, Ratatouille.

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    Maps: From Ptolemy to GPS

    This episode is about maps - physical, metaphysical, and existential; as well as their representations, abstractions, and ontological incompleteness.

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